Time and Space Continuum

Sky | 15 | Female | Pansexual |

♊ Gemini |♥ Currently in a relationship! | ENFP

My OTP is TimeXSpace and nobody will ever change that.

I literally am Feliciano Vargas.

This blog serves as both an ask blog and a general humor/personal blog. I reblog and post hetalia related things, general anime things, pokemon, mythology, Dragon Age, DMMD, Free!, space stuff, art and funny stuff!

I also answer asks either as myself or as APH Italy!

I love you.

Also ask me about my novel please and I will enlighten you of how much I love it.

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I also do commissions for money, as I am an aspiring filmmaker, musician and artist! I sell 'Stardust Crafted Potion Mixtures' aka potion bottles containing glitter, sequins and bubbles, for people with anxiety and need the calmness of the bottles, but they can be used for decoration and fun as well! I also make small chibi keychains with polymer clay, and large or small mochi plushies. For info can be found here on those: -tba-